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Kauga, Mukono District Headquarters Mituba IV Building, Mukono, Uganda

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Mon - Sat, 8AM to 5PM


To create transformed, empowered and sustainable communities in Uganda by 2028


Who we are


To create transformed, empowered and sustainable communities in Uganda by 2028


MABAS exists to address sustainable community challenges of education, health, eco-system, business and livelihood support through community system strengthening, empowerment and advocacy.

Core values

Accountability, Integrity, Ambition, Creativity and Innovation

What we do

Community Mobilization

Our interventions aim at mobilizing communities to generate important information that encourages health seeking behavior

Peer to Peer Support

We empower young leaders as peer supporters to deliver tailored, age-appropriate support to adolescents in community safe spaces and in clinical settings, including counseling through hotlines.


We tailor messages to the right audience that consider the needs of different population groups, such as young or older adolescents, adolescents from key populations

Social Media

Establish what kind of content should be distributed or discussed through the various social media tools.

Dialogue with Community Members

We organize these targeting parents, guardians, teachers, pimps, religious leaders to trigger discussions that challenge socio-cultural attitudes and norms, including stigma.

Interactive Fun Activities

This is especially for younger adolescents, they convey health messages, and facilitate learning, expression and discussions. We music, dance, drama, sports and group discussions

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