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Kauga, Mukono District Headquarters Mituba IV Building, Mukono, Uganda

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Mon - Sat, 8AM to 5PM

Dialogues with community members.

  • We organize these targeting parents, guardians, teachers, pimps, religious leaders to trigger discussions that challenge socio-cultural attitudes and norms, including stigma.

  • We provide strong facilitation to guide discussions, pose key questions, correct misinformation and create the space for parents and guardians to talk and reach their own conclusions

                                                                                          Livelihood support and business skills training.

In our interventions, we support adolescents to gain technical skills including hair dressing, tailoring and fashion design and catering services, to find employment or start a business. This helps them to improve their livelihood thus well being. This is supported by training in entrepreneurship, business management and confidence-building which supports the adolescents (teenage mothers) to take better care of their children through the parenting approach.