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Mabas Governance Structure.

MABAS is managed through established structures as stipulated in its constitution. The organization is headed by the Board of Directors (BOD) – which is the overall decision making authority. These are appointed through the BOD charter a document that stipulates their roles. 

The BOD is responsible for among others; providing clear, strategic direction and sound management for the success of the organization; providing  active leadership of the organization within a framework of effective checks and balances; setting organization’s strategic  objectives and ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place; ensuring that the interests of beneficiaries are always at the center of the organization’s thinking and work; and safeguarding the organization’s financial and human resources.

The BOD is assisted by a team of senior and technical staff which is headed by the Executive Director. The Executive Director heads the organization and on a daily basis supervises a number of technocrats during execution of their duties. The Executive Director reports to the BOD and seeks guidance, regularly.