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Kauga, Mukono District Headquarters Mituba IV Building, Mukono, Uganda

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Mon - Sat, 8AM to 5PM

How we use social media;

  • Establish what kind of content should be distributed or discussed through the various social media tools.
  • Use a variety of communication channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
  • Identify and train adolescents and young people to facilitate online discussions.
  • Create groups of interest around specific key themes.
  • Ensure the content is visual and engaging and change the visuals often.
  • Use video as well as written content.
  • We promote self-expression by inviting adolescents to send in clips on different issues.
  • We are developing a social media strategy – what, when, how, who that will guide our online interventions.
  • Translate virtual social media activities into ‘real life’ mobilization events and activities.